Michele Lee Lambert

Finding dignity in structures that have already passed their "due date” brings me joy. Through my art, I explore the stories that lie behind their state of decay, and celebrate the lingering aesthetics. It is for this reason that I am drawn to the soiled and the rusted, far more than I am to that which is unmarked, unproven, and untouched.

Whether through the lens of a camera, the tactile medium of encaustic (beeswax, damar resin, and pigment),or oil paint and cold wax, I am also drawn to texture. I frequently fuse vintage photographs and encaustic (an ancient art form) to tell the stories of our ancestors, and show a particular beauty that is won only by the passage of time.

During the day I work as a neurologist, my other life passion.



2018-   Silver medal for photography, Jamaica Cultural                                  Development Commission Visual Arts Competition (JCDC)

2017 -  Gold & Silver medal for photography, JCDC

2017-   Bronze medal for painting, JCDC

2017-   Third Place Jury prize, JCDC

2018-    2012:  Merits (15) in categories of Photography, Painting &               Assemblage, JCDC

Exhibitions & Festivals

2019-  Summer Exhibition, National Gallery of Jamaica

2018-  A Celebration of Photography, Jamaica Conference Centre,              group show.

2018-  Christmas in October, Olympia Gallery, group show.

2018 -  JCDC Jury Prize Winners Show, Jamaica Conference                       Centre.

2017 - A Three -Thousand- Year Journey: Encaustic Art to Digital               Photography, Solo Art Show, Grosvenor Galleries, JA.

2017-  Arts in the Park, Devon House, JA. group show

2017- 2015, 2013- JCDC Visual Arts Show, Jamaica                                                       Conference Centre.

2017, 2013, 2012- Liguanea Art Festival, JA.

2015, 2014- Sanaa Group Show, Sanaa Studios, JA.

2014 - Kingston on the Edge Encaustic Art (KOTE), Solo Art Show             and Talk, Sanaa Studios, JA.

2012-  Visual Arts Competition, National Gallery of Jamaica

1992-  University of Miami Student Exhibition. Lowe Art Museum,                  Miami, Fl.


2018- Photography /encaustic presentation to the Jamaica                         Photographic Society.

2015- Workshop on encaustic art and photography for final year                photography students at the Edna Manley College of the                  Visual & Performance Arts, (EMCVPA) Jamaica.